Reading so many books at once is not such a good idea, but I do it anyway.

I’m currently reading Steven Erikson’s “Gardens of the Moon,” Donald Maass’ “The Breakout Novelist,” Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs’ “Love & Respect,” the Bible, and a college history textbook on Western Civ. Also, I’ll start reading the Praxis exam practice book as I begin tutoring prep for when I head back to school on Jan 17th. So yeah, lots of reading.

I balance it all by reading different times of the day - Bible and Eggerichs in the morning when there are no disturbances, Maass and the history textbook throughout the day, and Erikson at night and sometimes in late afternoons.

Ooh, and I just found Frances Burney’s “Evelina” - my favorite novel from high school - so I’m probably reading that too.

Hey, might as well…before I have to go back to school and read the usual English major stuff all over again.